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Doc Holiday ,
Honestly not enough people to justify the "wet" maps. The worse the conditions the easier kills are, also eliminates all these super pph sessions you nerds got going on. Some of us also like to take on the harder maps because of the challenge.

- Posted by Myth

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MimiC ,
Same to you lol there’s a few people curious who you were too :p Main one I played from 97-04 was on R&S RED TIDE I was up there with Allstar/Anten/mommy/bakerbob49 etc before I quit. Maybe we played together. Good to see some red on the field!

- Posted by Doc Holiday

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ArchangeL UrieL ....BROOOO HOW? Last time i think a week ago I saw your gen tank at rank 90, and now it's at 84... And I am busting my rear to drop 1 rank on colonel! Tell me your secret!

- Posted by MamaXiangQi


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horsepower stop mining other tanks when you do PPH with others bro... ya NeWb
WONG TO ISIS and Wong To ...these two are shameful generals... yall gotta get in the action and stop running away when I am shooting yall for points! I blew all my homing shots before my duel shots, and it's embarrassing
I did about 800k points as colonel rank 1149. Been beating at generals (thanks Boa High Point ) for the last whole hour and not even a point change. How long does that take?

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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GUYS I have discovery! MTR STATION is Wong To and WONG TO ISIS and EVEN POSSIBLY horsepower and One hit wonder ! Here's the clues: Who mines me while I do PPH (points per hour) with generals? Nobody but horsepower. Who fiddles around with FERRIES on Rocks and Swamp?
MTR STATION is a Hong Kong train station. He thinks he is a TRAIN WRECK Otherwise, why would he be Horsiepower? SHOCKING NEWS

- Posted by MamaXiangQi