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._.) ( l: ) ( .-. ) ( :l ) (._.) They see me rollin, they hatin
-Super Saiyan Vegito

- Posted by GeneralSick

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Every man may reign secure in his petty tyranny, and spread terror and desolation around him, until the trump of the archangel shall excite different emotions in his soul.
James Otis

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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HONOR and Detroit
Pleasure getting you deactivated with merely just moving and planting mines with a recruit. You are pathetic and cannot handle and simple strategies

- Posted by JamesChen

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I am Won the silver cup
golden next

- Posted by Dark Prince

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Interesting. Well if big brother wants to get in the habit of stripping worthless swords? Hopefully Voltaics rusty is next! ha!
While JamesChen/MamaX's troll antics are amusing on the board. The cheap game play can get annoying. Everyone does realize they are the same player right? Even more entertaining to watch him try and keep up the act separately on the board....
The real question is: Who really is the veteran troll behind Chen/MamaX?

- Posted by CKPA2020


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Mama and James,
Would it make you guys happier to see if you guys can deactivate me chasing me all over the map and never shooting back also? James Chen I just killed you the other night 2 vs 1. Mama before you took off running you tried to fight back you would die instantly. You earned that heroic youre easy to kill if you ever choose to fight back. Look how easy it was to kill you in the tournament yesterday. When you have to fight to gain points you can’t handle the heat

- Posted by crusher

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You’re going to end up getting banned purposely lagging peoples screen up to kill them that’s not a pro move that’s a nub move. From this day on will not take when you’re in the game and planning on long moving me while I take. You do moves like that when 8 people are raiding me. I at least show you some respect not doing it back. Aren’t you too old to be on here acting like a child anyway? Does it make up for not having a woman in your life? You and mama should date both losers

- Posted by FINESSE

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Your "rules" turn this into brainless click to shoot, teleport, get fuel and die game.
True warriors don't die on purpose. True warriors use strategies like long moves, mine, covering fuels, and gathering equipment once low.
Scared of anything aside from your pathetic monolothic "accepted strategies" where you either PPH or take raids where you must shoot back, you can't move more than 5 squares, and you must die. Scared to see any creativity..

- Posted by JamesChen

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..which is why this game was dying until I came back and people starting waking up to true strategy like mamaxiang, On iPhone Free Kill.
I will say it again, there is no honor in dying on purpose. This is why you Americans are basically throwing away your wealth to help China, Israel, India, and Mexico. And WE APPRECIATE YOUR FOOLISHNESS.. I mean compassion. The same way that OJ made it to the top, is the same WAY China will overtake you losers. Enjoy your face masks and country shut down.

- Posted by JamesChen


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Blue Sux

- Posted by GeneralSick

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the following orders have been prepared for you by our Supreme Commander: mine the area blue, including every fuel canister, to entrap the enemy and prepare for battle.

- Posted by Blue Headquarters