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Warm Beer,
Not sure how others feel but so far you've been good to fight against. took your licks in raids well. Ignore haters color irrelevant and see ya out there. Cheers

- Posted by Backlash

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I would have to co-sign that statement!
The real WSM is infinitely better than what the red whoshotme is putting out on the field. whoshotme is just flat out terrible!

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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you are correct.

- Posted by whoshotme

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How does your boss do it? How does he pick the perfect time to come by so you have to leave. Every time you are getting raided and have like 10 armors left he comes by and you have to quit.... such perfect timing... SCRUB ASS DUDE

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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And congrats on batty, even though it doesnt mean shit because you poosay out every time a raid comes your way

- Posted by Skeleton Key

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this goes to all of you morons dont care what you write how you write it or how you feel about it wont change thi is the last letter i write and let the squealing beging in 3..2...1..go!

- Posted by F2bBacK


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Bluntz....we all agree f2b is garbage. but for you to call him out on color flipping!??! Prior to that #1 tank you bought YOU invented color flipping! Smh......

- Posted by CKPA2020

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Voltaic how does it feel to be tankpits biggest noob? You single handley desteoying this game. Good job. Dont worry you will never pass me. FACTZ give it up.

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Voltaic how does it feel to never make another pass on the overall leader board enjoy that #1 since everyone ahead of u not general.

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Voltaic will never make another pass FACTZ

- Posted by Smokescreen


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Lil B... nice job on the tourney tonight... Haven't played one since highschool.... 2001 ish. Good times to be had. Nice to see nobody is handing out fk's at the final minutes.

- Posted by Michigan