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LOL I'm HORRIBLE at raid taking. The actual fact is my entire childhood I've had very bad internet. The only way I was able to stand out and be on a leaderboard was sheer persistence. Got older and on my own, bought a house in the country. Best internet I could afford was satellite internet (latency issues). Now, I run DSL internet and I ping in the 50's consistently. I don't know how to actually take raids :(

- Posted by ArChAnGeL

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Since I've never had a good connection to play on, I don't know how to develop a tactic or how to time things when I'm being blasted away. I die with shields a lot or I burn through them too fast and I die within 5-8 screens of take a raid.... that sucks lol. Anybody have suggestions on how to improve? I want to give some players a night full of excitement and the thrill of a hard earned kill! :)
Thanks in advance for pointers

- Posted by ArChAnGeL

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Why yall gotta pre mine? Ppl are willing to take raids but the pre mining makes it ridiculously unfair. Keep doin it and itll get done to you. Side from that, nice raid blues lookin forward for more!


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Day 2:
As the Archangel got a better understanding of where he was, he began to notice the little E boxes.... before this, he was fighting with no support, no advantages, nothing to boost his abilities.
"Finally" he thought, "Finally I got a kill." He didn't know whether to be happy, or whether to feel sad. As his cursor was on the enemy tanks destroyed tank, he thought to himself.... "I will never see this tank again".

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL

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This game remind me my childhood wonder if there a any old player still around

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Sweet pea that’s why people don’t stay around cause jackasses like you can’t help or even keep your mouth shut you just got run it

- Posted by Jesse James

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-S1d3 Sw1p3--,
Thanks. You answered my question without any b.s. remarks. I'm not sure if the other two understood what I was asking. You did. Props to you for paying attention to what I was asking, and having the brains and the good manners, to answer it correctly.

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There is no section on How To Play anywhere on the website that I can find.

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--S1d3 Sw1p3--,
I was wondering why, when I had my points to get promoted, and got a promotion kill, I would look at my tank stats, and it would say promotion kill = false. I was like "But I just got the kill!!!"
Now I understand that that setting gets reset to false, for the NEXT promotion, and won't go true, until I get THAT kill.
Am I understanding that correctly?

- Posted by Newbie

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hi~~i am new here ~wonder if there r team play that i can join ~~

- Posted by Badboy