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Abraham Simpson II,
Thanks man, managed to get some more time to play as I was off work for a few days. For me it’s just a slow and steady climb with a few peaks here and there. Good competition though, something we need more of. I am actually glad if this is making you play more, since the game needs its skillful players on the field. See you around and thanks for the shout out :)

- Posted by SOLITUDE

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letMEbURhuckleberry, He hopes to runner runner on a short stack...

- Posted by MamaXiangQi

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Has anyone else been having A LOT of issues with the game freezing up and kicking you out? It's happening to me quite a bit. Annoying!

- Posted by MichiganWolverine

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James... You have to take it from Voltaic wether you enjoy it or not.

- Posted by EPIC 1


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Sinai - What is your goal in this game? Why do you play it so much? Ive giving you your last chance with me. You just quit in a 3v1 for the millionth time. You raided with oranges last night and got a few kills. You have caught me slippin a few times this past week (sniping me off screen when im low) Then last night u stooped to your lowest of lows not letting me and another blue team mate fill after we just took your orange raid. You are making respected Simpson players look bad.

- Posted by Smokescreen

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Sinai- You should really consider saving all your lunch money and spend that little 25$ to change your color to purple. You will get more points and your Horrible General # will go down faster because you have more people to shoot. Not like you take raids You run and quit out of anything over a 2v1. You have the ugliest award in the game (heroic Honor medal) which you earned in practice. So what exactly are you protecting not taking a raid? you free killed yourself to general. Please explain

- Posted by Smokescreen