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Welcome back Twenty Forty! Come join our discord if you'd like! The link is in the archived news section on the homepage. By the way, great job on the takes today, is it really your first time back? That was incredible. We don't really have any active players that stream Tankpit right now. We have had baha, Kacy, and Sw1tchTV stream the game in the past however.

- Posted by maxsettings

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Twenty Forty,
Welcome back to the game. You're obviously an experienced player. Who do I know you as?
Regardless, wb. New season just started, so good timing. A couple players do stream TP on Twitch, but not consistently.
If you haven't yet, consider joining the community on discord. If you go to archived news on the front page, there's a link there.

- Posted by - Mercury -

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If you die to Alden does that mean you've been Thunderscrubbed?


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was fun today and last night guys

- Posted by Twenty Forty


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If you're going to try and claim an old tank name as your bf tank, at least try to get the naming convention right to make it a bit more convincing.

- Posted by Poaster

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President McCool is probably one of the whackest names in TP, but that's no surprise coming from our current (latin) king of cringe.

- Posted by Kermit Sips Tea


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Join The Transformers!

- Posted by Nemesis Prime