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props to Skeletor. thanks for takin my man keep it up.


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It was on this day, that the Archangel saw the players of tankpit in distress, and decided to land his blue tank in and begin to spread peace across the map.
Little did he know, the understanding of this game and how it is played.

- Posted by ArchangeL RamieL


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REALLY??? You should read the How To Play section on the site.... It explains it there...

- Posted by SWEET PEA

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Once you get to LT You must kill a serg and get enough points to become a captain.. then from captain kill a lt from major kill a captain and at col you must kill a col or general those are the promotion kills .. kills that get you to your next promotion

- Posted by Jesse James

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the reason some tanks say "promotion kill: true" is because for example..if youre a sergeant, you need to kill a corporal in order to become a LT, when it says promotion kill true its telling you that you already have the required kill for the next rank, you just need the promotion points to rank up now.

- Posted by --S1d3 Sw1p3--