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Thx u :)

- Posted by Sir Rosco

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Top PPH Candidates 02/28
Pat Garrett very nice PPH!
Idolize BLUNTS duh and long time no see
Great seeing everyone again!

- Posted by Cyrus Simpson

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You hit it right on the nail.

- Posted by Zzzax

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Mmmm I thought a little 'who you might be but between your attitudes in the game and what I discovered on Discord I begin to get an idea of ​​who you might be; you have not been so particularly clever to spend $40 to change your name and color and then create a new Tank but your business, the money is yours and spend them as you want. But all those messages, the fact that you are always in the middle of your feet playing like a child offended...

- Posted by Test

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BLEEDING HEART, will not be by chance old Alden? You're doing good points, but getting them done with Checkmate, can you fall so low? now I know, it's your new benchmark!

- Posted by Test


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Im BACK ! Sir GOOF troop where is ur heroic? and batty?

- Posted by R E C K A N i Z E