Special Awards

NamesAwardsHow to Get Them
Defender of Truth Report bugs, cheaters, or other flaws with the game.
Lightbulb Submit a great idea of how to improve the game or website.
Purple Heart Submit graphical content related to the game or our contests.
War Correspondent Prove your journalistic excellence in the form of articles or reviews.

How to Qualify

To qualify for these awards you must submit an entry via the contact page. Entries for the War Correspondent may be posted elsewhere and linked in your message. Entries for the Purple Heart may be emailed as an attachment or link.


Out of hundreds of submissions each month, only a few can win. We've heard all the common glitches and ideas so you'll need to come up with something unique and original to have a chance at winning! Don't rush to submit the first thing you can think of, take your time to craft a worthy and informative submission. It may be helpful to include instructions, screenshots, videos, or error messages relevant to your submission.