How To Play

The Basics

move To Move:
Click on an open section of ground and your tank will attempt to drive there.

fuel Fuel:
Click and hold the mouse button over a fuel can to pick it up. You can also deposit fuel by clicking and holding over an empty space.

eq Equipment:
Click and hold on an equipment to add it to your inventory. Equipment is helpful in battle.

obstacle Obstacles:
Click and hold on an obstacle to pick it up. You can drag an obstacle behind your tank. Click and hold on an empty space to drop it. (Hint: If you collect a lot of obstacles you can build a base.)

Ferry Ferries:
Your tank can travel over water using a ferry. There are two ways to get on a ferry: if it is next to land, you can click on it and your tank will then board. You can also teleport to a ferry by using the map.

Tank Tank Statistics:
Place your mouse over any tank and their name, rank, number, and awards are shown in the information area on the right of the screen.

Shoot Enemies:
You can attack an enemy tank by simply clicking on it.

Mine Mines:
You can only safely drive over mines of your own color. Click on enemy mines to destroy them.

Tank Controls

Map Button Click the map button to bring up a map of the field. You can move the view around using the scope arrows. Click anywhere on the map to teleport there.

Mine Button Use the mine button to plant mines around your tank. Mines block the path of enemy tanks. Be careful, enemy mines are invisible until you or an ally has detected them with radar!

Radar Button The radar button allows you to scan a portion of the screen around your tank. This will reveal hidden objects such as fuel, equipment, and enemy mines.

Scope Controls Use the scope arrows to extend your field view in one direction, without moving your tank. Press the scope button in the middle to center the view around your tank. The scope controls are also used when the map is open.

Equipment Bar The equipment panel lets you control how you use your tank's precious equipment. Hover the mouse over the equipment icons to see how much inventory you have gathered. Click on an icon to enable or disable use of that equipment.

fuel bar Fuel is the most important resource in the game. Your tank's fuel is used up when you move, shoot, teleport, lay mines, or get hit by an opponent. If your fuel runs empty your tank will be deactivated and demoted a rank!

Experience Bar Click on the experience bar for information on how to advance to the next rank.

Message List Scroll through the message list and click on a command to send it to other players on the field.


Offensive Defensive

dual shot Using dual shots, your tank can fire two shots at once, causing twice the damage of a regular shot. When shooting an enemy that has armor shields on, dual shots result in the loss of two armors at a time.

missile shot Missile shots are useful for shooting over mountains, obstacles, or other tanks that are in the way of your opponent.

homing shot Homing shots will follow a target if it happens to move while you are shooting. These are useful for chasing an opponent.

armor shield Armor shields protect your tank from enemy fire and conserve fuel. Every time your tank is shot, an armor shield will be used up instead of fuel. If your tank is hit by a dual shot, one armor shield will block one of the dual shots but NOT both of them. Use armor shields when you're low on fuel to avoid being deactivated.

extra radar Extra radars will scan the entire screen instead of just a portion of it. Use these to uncover lots of fuel or equipment at once.


All tanks begin at recruit and advance towards the highest rank, general. Higher rank tanks carry more fuel and equipment. Click on the experience bar in game for information on how to advance to the next rank.

Rank Promotion Requirements
(from previous rank)
Recruit This is the lowest rank.
All tanks start here.
Private Earn combat experience.
Corporal Earn combat experience.
Sergeant Earn combat experience.
Lieutenant Earn combat experience.
Deactivate a corporal or higher.
Captain Earn combat experience.
Deactivate a sergeant or higher.
Major Earn combat experience.
Deactivate a lieutenant or higher.
Colonel Earn combat experience.
Deactivate a captain or higher.
General Earn combat experience.
Deactivate a colonel or higher.


Your tank is decorated with awards for your achievements in the game.

Names Awards How to Get Them
Achieve the rank of major/colonel/general.
Deactivate 100/200/500 tanks.
Be deactivated 20/50/100 times.
Spend 100/200/500 hours on the field.
Place 3rd/2nd/1st in a tournament.
Defender of Truth Report bugs, cheaters, or other flaws with the game. Only the best submissions are chosen for this award.
Lightbulb Submit a great idea to improve the game or website. Only the best submissions are chosen for this award.
Purple Heart Submit graphical content related to the game or our contests. Only the best submissions are chosen for this award.
War Correspondent Prove your journalistic excellence in the form of articles or reviews. Only the best submissions are chosen for this award.

For more information about the last four awards, check the special awards page.


TankPit has numerous maps, but only one or two are currently available at a time (we hope to open more in the future!). Open maps are changed every few days. The following are descriptions of the main maps. Additional maps are used for tournaments.

Rocks and Swamp

Rocks and Swamp

The origins of war started in Rocks and Swamps, a harsh marshland riddled with treacherous mountains and swamps making this land hard to navigate. Fight your way through this ancient battle-scared land and make your mark in Tankpit history.

Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze

Hone your teleporting precision for this dizzying map where one wrong positioning can trap you unable to reach fuel through the maze. Relentless and unforgiving, Crazy Maze is challenging for the best of players.

Appaloosa Land

Appaloosa Land

The oceans of Appaloosa Land are teeming with fuel and equipment. Pursue enemies on the dessicated continent to deactivate them, but be careful not to run out of fuel!



Unite with your allies, take a castle as your team's base and defend it from the other armies for your honor. In this map with clearly divided quadrants, be careful about entering an opposing army's territory.



The most fierce battles take place in this wasteland. Bring plenty of water to this battlefield, because there are no breaks in the constant wars that take place here.



Nagivate the glacial rivers through these frozen icelands. This map may have less action than the others, but it's every bit as challenging. Legends are born here.

Deep Six

Deep Six

Grab a ferry because Deep Six is 60% water. Snipe players from the islands or test your skill taking a raid on land.



A safe haven for new players, Practice is loaded with extra fuel and equipment. Learn to use your tank controls, find equipment, attack opposing armies and rank to private in preparation for a real map.

You are now ready to pick a color and join the combat! Use the Practice field to learn the controls. Ask your teammates for help and be sure to read the in-game tips! If you have further questions, try asking other players on the bulletin board. Good luck!